End-to-End CRM System for an International Travel Agency
Case Study

End-to-End CRM System for an International Travel Agency


ITSTEADY has created a Microsoft Dynamics-based solution that enables 360-degree customer view, call center and booking automation as well as in-depth sales analytics, and unites 200 in-house sale agents and call center operators.

The Project at a Glance





Project team

8 people


Team members’ average experience

5 years


Project duration

6 months



48 person-months



C#, JavaScript, Dynamics 365 API (SOAP, REST), Azure Service Fabric C#, JavaScript, Dynamics 365 API (SOAP, REST), Azure Service Fabric


A group of companies serving vacation packages to top destinations across the US and Western Europe. Founded in 1972, it now operates through three distinctive brands and runs offices in the US and the UK.


With over 100,000 customers and 200 in-house sales agents and call center operators scattered across 35 locations, the client faced heavy administrative challenges when managing sales and customer service processes manually.

The lack of automation also posed a risk of revenue losses, since it slowed down response times and left no opportunity to track customer communication across the touch points. To automate and bring together all the customer-facing functions, the client turned to ITSTEADY for implementing an end-to-end CRM system.


ITSTEADY put together an expert team specially for the project, with competencies in business analysis, front-end development, functional testing and Microsoft Dynamics 365. The team started out with a full-scale discovery phase to align the future CRM solution with the client’s requirements and expectations. Following the SureSens methodology recommended by Microsoft, the team went on to deliver a customized CRM system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The new CRM system bridged gaps in the client’s sales and customer service operations and enabled:

  • 360-degree customer view, complete with cross-channel interaction tracking
  • Call-center automation with seamless routing between customer service agents, as well as
  • performance tracking based on built-in customer feedback forms
  • Booking automation through both the client’s website and partner systems
  • API-based integration with transportation and hospitality partners
  • Advanced analytics and reporting dashboards on sales and performance

The system also featured role-based access to dedicated operational dashboards for Sales Agents and Customer Service Agents, and analytics/performance dashboards for Sales Executives.

One of the project’s anticipated risks was integrating a third-party IP telephony solution with the call center, as it involved a poorly documented API and complex logic with 4-side customizations needed. Yet, with dedicated IP telephony consultants at hand, ITSTEADY completed this task without any downsides to the project.


In just half a year, the client went from manually handling all of its 100,000+ customer relationships to fully automated sales, customer service and analytics.

The new end-to-end CRM system delivered by ITSTEADY now serves as a single entry point for all customer-facing operations. This opens up new opportunities to increase sales through efficient request processing, coordinate customer interactions between sales and customer service agents, and back up strategic planning with analytical insights.

As the project was completed successfully, the client will continue cooperating with ITSTEADY’s team to add more powerful functions to the CRM system, such as B2B invoicing and customer experience management.

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