About ITSTEADY Company

A to Z of Custom Enterprise Systems

Company Overview

ITSTEADY is a multi-disciplinary custom software development company focused on providing development and consulting services. Having development center in Eastern Europe, company works globally. Whenever you need a dedicated team, custom software development or Microsoft software consulting, ITSTEADY is at your disposal. The company has developed solutions for a wide variety of customers – from small businesses to multinational corporations in such domains as Finance, Banking, Travel, E-commerce, Manufacturing.

Quick Facts

Helping businesses all over the world become digital since 2016


Founded in 2016

By professionals with 10-15 years of experience in software development


Offices in 3 Locations

Las Vegas


30+ Top Professionals

35% Seniors
50% Middles
15% Juniors

Engagement Models

Company can select the optimal engagement model to cover its business needs


Fixed Price

When the project idea is described in detail, choose this model to get a ready-made solution within the agreed requirements, timeline and budget.


Time and Material

When the requirements are high-level, this model gives maximal flexibility, paying only for the time actually spent.


Dedicated Team

When there is a need for additional resources or expertise for an in-house team, Dedicated Team model provides flexible access to a pool of highly qualified specialists.

Getting Started with ITSTEADY

  1. Introduction

    We start by getting to know our customers and learning about their story, business pains, and plans for the future.
  2. Discovery

    Once we are firmly nested in their business context, we analyze the problem at hand and suggest a number of scenarios varying in cost, duration, architectural elegance, and potential impact. If necessary, we meet on-site or invite you to our office to meet in person for project discovery sessions and discussions.
  3. Project Launch

    The result of the discovery phase is a generally defined approach to the entire project and its individual phases. For example, we can start with a small team to get aligned on the processes, communication strategy, and other relevant aspects. Once the initial onboarding period is over, the team expands to its full capacity and the work commences. Alternatively, we can put together an aggressive ramp-up plan to staff your project with as many resources as needed, as soon as possible.

Industry Coverage

Company deals with wide spectrum of industries and business domains


Meet the company that can help to transform a great innovative idea into a profitable product



Experience and unique know-how gained over many years in the software industry



Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction



Professional and creative staff ready to meet any IT challenge

Rely on Experts

Contact us to turn your idea into reality.

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