Portal Development

Portal Development

We deliver solutions for enterprises striving to level up their business value

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SharePoint Portals

ITSTEADY offers end-to-end consulting and development services to create robust web portals that will bolster your business strategy. Our expert developers deliver customized solutions to meet your business and IT needs, 100% secure and scalable.

Change the Way Your Business Work
with Our Enterprise Portals


B2B/B2C Customer Portals

Eliminate the need for your customers to contact a support center, using a comprehensive, user-centric web portal.
As data management is a critical part of the customer flow, we offer self-service portals to streamline order placement, ensure painless checkout, and provide access to the customer’s purchase history. Our fully automated SharePoint customer portals, with extensive functionality and smooth sales workflows, will fuel user engagement and satisfaction and help you beat the fierce market competition.


Channel Partner Portals

Provide your established partners with constant access to data registration, pricing, sales details, and marketing resources, as well as all the technical information they need.
A partner portal offers a dynamic tool that helps channel partners carry on business efficiently. If you’re looking for a perfect solution that accelerates partner loyalty and facilitates your partner management, ITSTEADY’s channel portals are the best fit. We’ll create a robust, bank-level security portal that acts as both an administrative hub and a means of effective communication for your partners’ staff.


Vendor Portals

Manage your vendor relations through a customized portal that allows collaborating in a highly secured online environment.
Reduce your vendor management overload — let our experts take care of it with an automated self-service vendor portal. It will ensure easy onboarding for prospective vendors, quick access to the necessary information online, real-time data synchronization and updates. Tailored to your specific needs, a vendor portal will make interactions with suppliers more transparent and smooth.


Community Portals

Ensure simple, targeted messaging within your online community with the all-in-one solution — a community portal.
Growing a strong online community can be a tough challenge. But not for us. We will help you leverage the power of customer engagement with a user-friendly community portal for smooth and fast communications. The custom web portal we create for you will allow users to keep up conversations on forums, manage blogs, publish comments and respond to direct messages.

Need a SharePoint client portal, a vendor portal or a community solution? Contact us to choose the best fit for your business, and start exploring the benefits of web portals.

Trust Your SharePoint Portal Development to Pros

ITSTEADY delivers holistic custom SharePoint collaboration solutions for clients around the globe. Our expertise includes robust intranets and extranets based on Microsoft SharePoint, both on-premise and Office 365.



Provide employees with full access to internal communications with no extra IT support



Cooperate with external resources in real time right across the platform



Gain valuable insights into user behavior and staff performance with powerful analytics



Improve task management, deliver assignments and manage your team through a user-friendly directory



Keep staff plugged into recent updates with real-time newsletters, reports, and alerts



Enhance document management: search for and share documents effortlessly

Amplify Your Workforce Productivity with
Sharepoint Enterprise Intranet Solutions

ITSTEADY offers feature-packed enterprise SharePoint intranet solutions that integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft Office 365 suite. As a private network, a SharePoint intranet allows enterprise staff to securely share data within the organization. We will help you develop an intranet portal on the Microsoft SharePoint platform that will outperform any other collaboration system. Use it to manage group tasks, store documentation, run office web apps and sync with real-time updates.


Intranet Development

Our intranets come with rich features such as an employee directory, CMS, team collaboration and management tools. We can assist you in SharePoint intranet development from scratch and have it going live in a short time. Based on your specific business needs, our portal developers will add any custom features needed to make your portal smarter and more convenient to use.


Intranet Design

ITSTEADY strives to make your intranet portal not only feature-rich but user-friendly as well. Our UI and UX designers focus on user convenience. We create an eye-catching, intuitive, and engaging ecosystem that balances three-way cooperation among people, processes and technologies.

Establish Branded Online Identity for Your Enterprise
with SharePoint Extranet Solutions

Build long-term, trusted relations with partners, suppliers, vendors or customers through a SharePoint extranet portal. Keep track of business operations that occur outside your internal systems. ITSTEADY will assist you in large-volume data exchange, securing each activity in a shared collaborative environment.

Get in touch to start benefiting from enterprise intranets.

Benefit From All-Embracing Web Portal Development


Business process automation consulting

Optimal performance in your business doesn’t happen by chance. We’ll guide you through process automation and prototype solutions that will fit into your business model and strategy, increase efficiency, and optimize the operational workflow.


Custom web portal development

We design custom portal solutions to help you establish long-term relations with clients as well as empower employees to do more high-quality work in less time. We create web portals based on the complex needs of your company, targeting your particular business challenges.


Maintenance and support

Scalability is our core focus when it comes to web portal development. Even after an application is launched, we provide ongoing support to existing systems and help extend their functionality when necessary. We regularly update applications, adding brand-new features and extensions.



For a Microsoft enterprise portal, we provide seamless integration with a company’s existing accounting, business planning, order management and CRM systems. Smooth integration with each system will deliver instant business value and impact.


Security audit

We don’t compromise security for automation. Our advanced vulnerability detection techniques guarantee that any threat is detected and addressed immediately. All the security solutions we provide, including advanced user authentication and fraud detection mechanisms, are perfect for a corporate infrastructure.

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