Digital transformation tools for business
Blog July 21, 2020

Selecting Digital Transformation Tools for Business

One of the major business drivers today is digital transformation. Company executives realize that employing the best digital tools is a necessity for survival in a changing world. Here is a look at some key factors in digital transformation.

Most common tools for digital transformation 

Cloud services: This refers to any IT services that are accessed from a cloud computing provider. Cloud computing provides on-demand availability of system resources (such as data storage) without active management by a user. A particular cloud may be available to many users and organizations, or limited to only one company, where the cloud is used to store secure corporate data.

Currently, the following types of cloud services are available: 

  • SaaS — software as a service
  • IaaS — Infrastructure as a service
  • PaaS — platform as a service 

CRM systems: CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Such systems allow businesses to manage and analyze the company’s interactions with current and potential customers. CRM systems provide a means to gather and contain data about customer behavior as well as important details of customer interactions. The system compiles data from various communication channels, such as the company’s website, social media, telephone calls, email communication, and marketing materials. In any business, CRM systems are considered the main sales driving force, since they allow the business to better understand the target market and how to meet the needs of customers.

Electronic payment systems: Systems such as PayPal, Stripe, Transferwise, and others facilitate electronic payment for online transactions and allow payments and money transfers to be made through the internet. This is the electronic alternative to traditional means of payment such as checks and cash. Electronic payment systems typically allow several methods of online payment, including credit and debit cards, popular cryptocurrencies, and corporate payment services; they also support world currencies for purchases, money transfers, and online wallets. 

Who are the leaders in digital transformation tool development?

There are plenty of companies handling development and distribution of digital transformation tools. However, most do not offer a full package of complex services, and users may have to switch between various tools to use them.

Microsoft software consulting offers multiple digital transformation solutions and comes with a full spectrum of tools, which helps companies and users avoid getting lost and makes obtaining support quick and easy. The package includes the .NET, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI and other out-of-the-box solutions.

How can digital transformation help your business? 

Digital transformation is vital for any business, no matter what size or age. Important and time-consuming functions such as supply chain management, logistics, ordering and purchasing processes, marketing personalization, data gathering, feedback, service customization, and communication among employees and clients are now commonly handled, fully or partially, by Artificial Intelligence and other digital tools. 

Who can use digital transformation tools? 

Long story short, digital tools fit every company. No matter how your services are distributed or how many staff you employ, startups gain an advantage by using digital tools, especially those that allow employees work remotely and worldwide. For all the pros and cons of a startup structure, it is simply a fact that using digital tools saves time and money, as more than 75% of business interactions now take place online. Those numbers are driving the growing movement toward enterprise application development. Today, given the importance of cutting-edge technology, there is a huge upside potential to digital transformation.

How can your company best adopt these tools? 

As a company owner or a manager, you can invest enormous amounts of time and energy into finding the right tools for automating your business by yourself, or hire developers to take on that task. However, there is always a risk of a bad fit, getting lost in the plethora of technologies out there, and possibly making the wrong decision.  

Another solution is to contact experts in digital transformation, to save you valuable time and money as you invest in the digital transformation of your business. Professional companies offer various service bundles tailored to the specific needs of the client, so there are always a few options from which to choose.  

Digital transformation requires a clear strategy and desired output to result in the best possible solution. If you want to know more about which tools will be ideal for your company and industry, feel free to contact us or request a call.

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