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Blog June 3, 2021

Selecting a CRM System for Small Businesses

Do you have a budding enterprise? Are you looking for ways to serve your customers better? Then Customer Resource Management is your game changer!

Customer relationship management refers to a structure that oversees the relationship between a business and its customers.  More practically, an effective CRM uses digital transformation tools to help you:

  • Generate leads, profits, and customer value
  • Customize customer experiences and marketing strategies.
  • Drive business process automation
  • Drive customer engagement and optimize customer satisfaction
  • Offer innovative and forethought service to grow your business

While CRM in itself sounds alluring, only the right CRM can do the magic. Excellent records are broken day-in-day, day-out. Customers keep raising the bars of satisfaction and it takes the best customer relations services to win the trophy these days. To remain in the game, your business must offer top-notch customer experiences. This is why you cannot afford to joke with your CRM. CRM is so important that It is the largest and fastest-growing enterprise software development product. This means that CRM is a must-have digital transformation tool if your business would move to the next level.

A typical testimony of the right CRM is expressed in the story of Gallup, a renowned research firm. It came into prominence majorly through data analytics and public opinion polls. Before it became a foremost company, it could not generate potent sales leads, even though it seemed to offer quality data and research services. Gallup had its customer base spread across the world. This seemed to be such a wide scope for its salespersons to work with. Its current CRM couldn’t offer as much assistance as the salespersons needed. Thus, CRM could hardly salvage the situation. With all of these issues, the work became overwhelming such that salespersons were not encouraged to supply the system with relevant data.

Consider the problem at hand, Gallup would need a CRM that simplifies the job of salespersons. It would automate most of the processes, leaving them to focus on the basic parts of the process. With such a “division of labor”, the salespersons would be more productive, achieving more with fewer tasks on their hands. The Company needed a CRM solution that was so basic and straightforward that salespersons could get on with in no time. They also needed detailed strategies and leads that could present data in customer-friendly ways.

Gallup migrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365, hoping to get a better CRM experience. One year into the new solution, the company began to spot significant differences. It particularly noticed positive changes in its visibility to the sales funnel. According to one of the company representatives, “The company has been able to build out the pipeline from an opportunity standpoint, so we don’t just have the sure wins, we have everything. We’re able to leverage the content that we create to drive leads and capitalize on that, and then we can see the ROI of all our activities, all the way through.”

Their new CRM solution optimized the performance of the growing sales team. They could now capture and generate opportunities and leads in easier and more effective ways. The presence and prominence of the company continued to grow locally just as its sales team continued to expand. Gallup concludes that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has enabled them to avail the right support equipment for salespersons.

Apart from salespersons, customers could also feel the difference with Microsoft Dynamics. They noticed that customer interaction was now prompter and more effective.

On a particular occasion, a prospective customer visited a Gallup landing page and filled one of its web forms. The data she supplied was automatically directed to Dynamics 365 which passed it on to the assigned salesperson, who in turn reached out to her about 15 minutes after she filled out the form. The customer was surprised and impressed that the salesperson was able to utilize the given information and contact her with such promptness.

This is a real-life experience of how the right CRM can completely turn the face of any business around. The upside to CRM is that its benefits are not limited by the size or type of a company. Every form of business grows with an effective CRM solution that links all important data and presents it in an engaging appeal to customer service agents, salespersons, marketers, and field service technicians.

How to Choose the Right CRM

To choose the right CRM, you must draw out your needs and how the CRM can meet these needs.

Factors you must consider are:

  • Where you store your Customer information and who gains access to it
  • The types of security control you need to protect customer privacy
  • The availability of your customer data to marketing, sales, customer service, and field service workers
  • How you utilize your current customer information and prospective customer interaction
  • The number of time employees spends on routine tasks and CRM data supply
  • Your efforts to get a comprehensive view of your customers
  • Your perception of customer interaction with your brand
  • The major reason you plan to migrate
  • How many users you seek to serve
  • Your budget for migration

After considering all of these, you begin to get a basic idea of the CRM that best suits you. Notwithstanding your needs and preferences, a good CRM solution should have the following qualities:

A good CRM solution you should be able to link all your business processes and data sources and make them available in relevant places of need.

When your CRM solution is offered as A SaaS (software as a service) solution that is cloud-based, you’re absolved of back-end maintenance and support, which gives you more time to focus on other tasks.

Your CRM should be mobile and flexible enough to fit into different devices, from different locations at different times. It must also fit different workstyles and be basic enough for several users to work easily.

Its operations should align with your existing workflows, such that you need little or no training to get along.

It should offer creative and adequate features that meet all your needs at once Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great software package that checks all the relevant boxes and provides the right CRM solutions. You can get the best Microsoft deals with ITSTEADY. ITSTEADY is an ideal partner that offers the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. Reach out for the best CRM deals.

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