How to Gather a Technical Team for a Startup
Blog May 22, 2020

How to Gather a Technical Team for a Startup

Startups create great products and software. However, as young businesses they often experience difficulties with completing their team, maintaining flexibility with their resources, and ensuring that all the necessary tasks are done well.

At some point in the process, there comes a time to call in the experts for help with development.

When does a startup need a developer?

The right answer to the question, “When should I hire a developer?” is “When there is no chance to grow without one.” It makes sense to hire a full-time, in-house developer only when there is a long list of complicated, long-term technical tasks to be accomplished.

In cases when the CEO himself does not have the development skills to supervise the lost list of technical work to be done, it makes sense to start looking for a technical co-founder who can fully cover that side of the business.

To determine whether a developer is needed, create a written outline of all the tasks that a developer would need to complete. This process is vital for two reasons: it helps to define your goals, and assists in selecting the right type of collaboration. There is no need to hire a full-time developer if the needs are minor or sporadic rather than regular. Plus, having a well-articulated list of tasks will be much appreciated by an experienced developer who is considering joining your team.

Figure out when a developer will actually be needed. You may not need one immediately. Finding an experienced developer willing to collaborate with a startup might also be a challenge, so patience is a must. Hiring in too much of a hurry may hinder calm, effective decision-making. Set a reasonable deadline and make sure the developer you hire will be a good fit for your team.

Create a list of criteria for the person you select. This might include:

  • Being responsive and collaborative
  • Able to work stable/flexible hours
  • Able to be on the job quickly when an emergency occurs.

Be specific when defining and presenting the tasks required of your developer, as well as in creating the candidate profile. This is bound to save you grief later.

How to find the best candidate

It makes sense to ask for recommendations from other business executives who have used developers. The big advantage here is avoiding many unnecessary job interviews. People generally apply with more enthusiasm if they have been approached following a recommendation from a friend. It is about trust and reliability. If the selected person meets the criteria and seems to be a good fit for the team, count yourself lucky.

Another popular route is to find a freelance developer open to collaboration. Job platforms like UpWork, Jooble, and SimplyHired allow employers to post offers that attract the right people. If you go with this option, consider including the following in your posting:

  • Describe the company profile;
  • Offer clear information about the position;
  • Explain the tasks to be completed daily; and
  • Offer an adequate price for the job, considering your budget.

This method of hiring freelance developers works in general, but finding a highly-skilled specialist who qualifies perfectly for the job might be a challenge. When hiring through platforms, CEOs and project managers must go through countless job applications and conduct many interviews to find the perfect candidate.

Is there any safe way to assure resource flexibility and guarantee that the technical tasks are completed?

Outsourcing is considered the best solution for most beginning companies. It gives you a way to delegate specific tasks to the right professionals with only a short-term commitment.

The quickest way to find a specialist is by contacting a software development company that can select and provide the right person. The hiring company verifies candidates by reviewing the CV and giving test tasks.

Outsourcing allows hiring on a per-project basis, which means covering specific tasks within a given timeframe. The startup can outline the tasks that are to be completed and have those tasks performed by a professional software development company representative. When working with an outsourcing company, the startup can delegate very specific tasks to the right people and save time by not needing to conduct numerous interviews. This undoubtedly offers the opportunity to grow more quickly without long-term obligations. It is also possible to hire for a trial period, to assure the best fit for the job to be done. Software development companies can help any startup, whether you need just one expert developer or a whole team. Finding the right partners is a key business skill that leads to mutual satisfaction. Contact us to find out how we can help with your resources.

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